im back bitches.


Will you pick up the phone
And say that you miss me.
And say your sorry.
For leaving me.
All this while. All the time.


I know we will never be together
We could have last forever
You were the arrow of my bow
You were always there to come and go

Misses and goodbyes
Sulking with sadness
Reluctant to release
Don’t lacking go

How I wish you could be real
How I wish I could feel you
Cherishing the moments when we were in love, virtually
Depressing to lose you completely, in reality

You will always be my virtual baby.

Quote: I don’t like to be given the responsibility of being ignored.

You can say miss me now. hearts me later. then you’ll be gone again. You will say you need my presence. Needed my voice. but then you would disappear again. This sounds so cliche that I’m sick of waiting to be ignored at times. When I really put my heart and soul to the person, something will always fucked up. I even started to pray to put all those bullshit just to mean you stay. This “waiting/ignored” cycle has been going on for the past 21 years of my life and I’m really feel desperate for someone to be really there for me at times.

Lonely. Yeah. Sometimes. I need to make it a habit to be my best friend. So I won’t feel the suffer and pain. I’m sadist at times. Harsh bitter reality just to keep myself awake in this world. Learning from every mistake that i get into. Learning humans behavior. Dejavu.

Honestly, I swear. I swear. I’m a good friend to be. But not a good lover. Just didn’t have the enough time to acknowledge myself more.

P.s: I can only post on weekends. due to NS. -__-“


"Making “true” love are always taken for granted. You get so high and then fucked up when its over and done."